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Lake Haven Newsletter 2020

2020 A Year We Will All Remember..

January and February we completed the remodel on our Shelter at the Lake. We were looking  forward to a mid-spring Open House to show off our two new adoption centers. We completed new ceilings , new paint throughout , new security system and just a general  redo. With the onset of the first wave of the pandemic plans were put on hold to do the open house. That did not stop us from filling the adoption center with kitties however. A special thank you to Rick Anderson for his beautiful job of powder coating the adoption centers which is now the focus or our frontal area. Special  thank you also to Dave Snyder who provided much needed assistance along the way including new desk for me, a beautiful storage cupboard and our new security system.

Our Veterinarians are struggling with the same issues we face, and thru it all have done their best to keep up with our medical needs. Dogs and cats continue to flow thru Lake Haven’s doors and all receive the same level of care we have always provided.

Unfortunately the pandemic  caused us to redo the things we used to take for granted. Though I confess to having a few emotional break –down days we have persevered and made progress despite great odds had some wonderful success stories. We have continued to  make a huge difference in the lives of the animals we take in and our adopters who benefit from our hard work.

I must thank my hard working Veterinarians, who struggle every day with the challenges and changes that occur daily, my dedicated volunteers and fosters whom have had to deal with change in the way things are done sometimes at a moment’s notice, our wonderful and often recurring adopters, and certainly our generous donors for making Lake Haven one of the best (Licensed) Rescues in the area. Although I have been doing Rescue for over 40 years, we surpassed our 20 year anniversary of being  Legal Non-Profit and over 11 years as a Licensed Michigan Shelter. 

We continue to have high quality pets that are healthy, friendly , well handled, for our adopters.

I did an adoption the other day and then returned to the Shelter and sat down and cried. I cried because adoption used to be a  personal time, face to face,  where we would sit down and talk about the pets needs and about things I feel they should be aware of. Now it is curbside with brief conversations in the cold. I cried because I miss the interactions at the events and Pictures of Pets with Santa, and I have not yet thought of a safe way to do that. I really believe that 2021 should be a time we all think about not what we need and want , but perhaps a time to be really grateful  for what we have. I continue to hope that 2021 brings us peace, posterity  and a return to the way life used to be.



Shelter Remodel 

Our Success Stories

Founded by Cheryl McCloud, Lake Haven is a volunteer, non-profit organization (501c3) dedicated to the care

and adoption of homeless and/or injured dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies. 

Hope the Miracle

She was named Hope because she sure needed some. She came into the rescue beyond skinny and dehydrated with 6 tiny kittens. Of course she had nothing to give her kittens.  Amazingly enough she still laid with the kittens and allowed them to suckle which was a huge bonus for them. Although I fed them she provided them with the comfort they needed. She had no strength to clean them either which was another chore. Eventually her milk trickled in when they were about 3 weeks old.  In addition to the already critical situation I found she was positive for FIV when I tested her. Fluids  were given to her everyday for 10 days at the rate of 300 ML morning and night. Volunteer Denise Seabolt would drive from Norton Shores to the shelter to help me give her  fluids, baths and meds. She would lay quietly while fluids were given. It was during this time I found out she was positive for Cryptosporidium a nasty bug very difficult to get rid of and maybe impossible in a FIV cat, I was told the outcome could result in the whole family being euthanized. 

I proceeded with medicating the whole family for 21 days. Mom had 6 meds to take twice a day and babies had 3. They all had horrible diarrhea for what seemed like forever, baths were never ending, cleanup was not pleasant, but slowly but surely it was successful. Thru all this trauma, it seemed like I was always sticking her with needles or pushing awful tasting stuff down her throat multiple times a day and she was always so patient and sweet. Then that day finally came when the Vet announced she was clean and we got a clean bill of health on Hope and her family. She called it a “miracle” for sure. Although healthy , she still had FIV and probably always will and volunteer Denise Seabolt reached out to a friend of hers, Denise Schott whom had adopted an FIV cat from us months ago named Betsy and told her about Hope. As luck would have it she was touched by Hope’s story and they came and adopted Hope several weeks ago, babies all tested negative and went home as well.

- Cheryl McCloud (Director)

It Takes a Village

Scooby was a frightened, neglected and abused little dog when we took him in from a County Shelter. He also suffered physically as well, and he needed eye surgery on both eyes. Pam Maniscalco was his foster for months. She worked diligently to bring him around but he was really a hard one to reach, He had suffered such abuse and neglect it was apparent he was damaged severely. Pam never gave up tho and kept trying to reach him. He loved her and she could do what she wanted to with him, but she could not get him to make up to a stranger. He was so cute and people wanted him but they would come and he would have nothing to do with them. 

I recall someone who came to meet him and she spent an hour with him on the floor before he would even come near her. It was very discouraging for Pam who had done everything for him for months. Then we decided we would just make him go live with a stranger and see what he did. So he transferred to Sue Tol  and apparently he decided that people weren’t so bad after all and that is where he met his new family. With some of these dogs it  literally takes

a village.    


- Cheryl McCloud (Director)

Foster Failure

Martha was found along a road, not sure if she had gotten loose or if she was just dropped off. She was quite dirty and thin. She had quite an extensive mammary tumor and her surgery was pretty involved. They had to utilize tension sutures to keep the incision together. Cheryl knew we were both home all day and could make sure the incision would not rupture. The vet said a small area of the tumor did show a very low grade cancer. He felt he got it all. After a couple weeks she healed and now you would never know she went through all that. She was a very good patient. She’s just the sweetest thing and is a very loved part of our family.

- Karen Ettinger

I’ve been volunteering for Lake Haven for nearly 13 years. I started very young and I’ve been waiting forever to adopt pets of my own. I foster failed with Remi back in June. I was looking for the perfect companion for him and Cheryl suggested I meet Baby Shug (now Frankie). She was fostered by Debbie after she was hit by a car. Dr. Russel repaired her broken hip and leg. Now she plays with Remi and runs around the house. You would never know she had any injuries in the first place. It has been such a joy to having them in my home. I am so thankful for Lake Haven for giving her a second chance at life. Remi and Frankie are inseparable.

- Molly Eddington

Second Chance
From Feral to Friendly

This year my favorite moment was picking up my first batch of feral kittens found in a garage. I got a call from Cheryl that there were four kittens that needed a foster home. They were about 5 weeks old. Only 5 minutes from my house, I arrived with a carrier to find four tiny babies all different colors and all very scared in a box. The little orange one did a tiny hiss as I moved them to the carrier. He apparently was their protector when mom was away. Tyler, my son and volunteer helper, worked with me on meds and weights. These tiny scared  kittens huddled together all night. The next morning when I checked on them and the same little orange baby the hissed started purring so loudly to say thank you for the warm home and yummy food. It melted my heart that I could change his mind so quickly with just a little love. We named them Pooh Bear, Pepper, Patches and Periwinkle. I’m am so happy they were able to stay in pairs and that I get updates regularly!

- Danielle and Tyler Tuttle

First Kitty

We rescued our first family kitty this summer and we couldn’t be happier.  Wrigley has fit in just perfectly.  She even “tolerates” the other fur baby. We are so grateful for Lake Haven!

- Renee Alli

Purfect Pair

Our Lake Haven sisters, Luna and Aurora, are very happy that they got to be adopted together! 

- Michelle Jump

Perfect Companions

I cannot say “Thank you” enough for allowing me to adopt such wonderful dogs!  Cayenne is so sweet!  And Cedric he is a cut above!  He is the perfect companion and keeps us in smiles!  He is my walking/jogging partner, we sometimes do 5 miles a day. 

He is a bit of a bed hog though.

- Stephanie Whipple


Quarantine Buddy

Xander (formally Bailey) has been our greatest blessing since COVID happened. He is loving life in his new home and we (and his fur sister) are loving on him like crazy!

- Kara Heyboer

We love our Cassie so so much. We adopted her from Lake Haven 4 years ago- she was already an old doggie then and now she is super old. She sleeps a ton, but she still loves to take walks, play with the kids, barks like crazy when she is excited, and sprints to our bedroom when she sees that we are heading to bed. She has been such a great addition to our family- we just love her to bits.

- Kate Randall





Young at Heart
My Heart is Full

This photo is so perfect to their personalities. Skye, tabby, is the distinguished older sister who knows she is in charge and Mully is the nutty little sister just hanging on for the ride. You don’t know how full your hearts can be until you adopt a fur baby. My goodness.

- Jennifer James Webb






Thanks to our veterinary partners.


Fremont Animal Hospital


White Cloud

Animal Wellness Center of White Cloud


Lake Haven would like to thank those veterinary clinics that have done so much to help us save animals through their dedication to the profession. These are skilled and charitable Veterinarians with skilled staff and we

encourage you to visit and support their clinic.


There are many rescue groups in the 

West Michigan Area, and all have different capabilities and talents. Lake Haven has always enjoyed a wonderful reputation for healthy, friendly and well cared for pets. That is only because we have the most  highly skilled Veterinarian’s that I have ever met. They are a dedicated and committed group truly concerned for their patients, whether they have a home or not. The  real  credit of  our success lies with them because of their skill and efforts and without them we would not even exist. Our relationship with Fremont Animal Hospital dates 35 plus years now, and Animal Wellness Center, 12 years plus. 

We are also grateful for assistance from Chicago Dr Vet, Cedar Springs Animal Hospital, and Plymouth Rd Vet Clinic. We highly recommend

all these clinics for high quality care.

Cedar Springs

Cedar Springs Animal Hospital



Chicago Dr Veterinary Clinic


Grand Rapids

Plymouth Rd Vet Clinic



Thank you to our dedicated volunteers.

For more "happy tails" please visit our Adopted FaceBook page.

To see available animals please visit our FaceBook and website.

Due to COVID-19 our annual Pet Photos with Santa and our annual bake sale have been cancelled this year. We are saddened but know this is best for the safety of our community. We want to thank Jerry and Nancy Kiel for all of their help and dedication throughout the years with this fundraiser and to all of the volunteers who help to make these events happen every year. We look forward to hosting the fundraisers next Christmas.


If you would like to donate, see the info below. 

santa-photos_10 (1).jpg

Wrap up a furry gift. Your gift will help save lives. 

Your gift to Lake Haven is a meaningful way to honor or remember a special person, special occasion or animal companion.

We will send a personalized card to your family member or friend as you indicate. To mail in a donation, please print the form below.

We have added an online capability to accept donations. To contribute online you can use PayPal or a Credit Card.


Animal Needs

  • “For Health” Cat Food (Chicken & Turkey) available at Tractor Supply Co.

  • “Paws-n-Claws” Cat Litter (Scoop + Clump Unscented)

  • Ceramic Bowls

  • Puppy Feeding Bowls

  • Revolution (Cats)

  • Kong Brand Toys

  • Iam’s Kitten Food

  • Iam’s Hairball Formula Adult Cat food 

  • Blankets

Lake Haven's Wish List

Facility Needs

  • Bleach & Laundry Soap

  • Paper Towels

  • Outdoor Pooper Scoopers

  • Tall Kitchen Bags

  • 33 Gallon Black Trash Bags

  • Stamps

  • 24-lb Copy Paper

  • Packaging & Scotch Tape

  • Banker Boxes

  • Ink for Epson Printer 

  • (Workforce WF 2620)

Gift Cards

  • Amazon

  • Walmart

  • Staples (For Office Admin)

  • Money donations can be sent via 

  • the online donation link on our website

Drop off items at: Lake Haven Rescue, 551 Pickerel Lake Dr, Newaygo, MI 49337 or email if you 

can’t drop it off. 

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