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Lake Haven Newsletter 2022

Message From the Director
Happy holidays and my message of gratitude:

Well another year of happenings, success stories and adoptions. With volunteers/fosters being the backbone of everything that happens at Lake Haven let it be known that we could not exist without them. I can’t think of another organization that has such a dedicated and committed group of wonderful people that make up Lake Haven. They are all so important to the cause no matter what they do. They bring new meaning to the words “it takes a village.” That could never have been more apparent than when my son in Florida became very ill and passed away and I had to leave and go unexpectedly to Miami. With a new mom Labradoodle and 13 puppies that had nowhere to go I wondered if it would come together and it did. With Amanda Delong picking up the worst shift in the morning at 8:30 (just imagine having to face 13 puppies at the first thing in the morning) Bianca Sharp and her family came every night at 5:00 for another clean up, and other volunteers did noon shifts and some came and tucked them in at 10:00, when I got back 9 days later everyone was alive and well cared for.


I have people call me and thank me all the time for the efforts and consideration of our volunteers when adopting a dog or a cat. Our volunteers are highly motivated and efficient always maintaining our high standards.


The second component to our highly successful rescue is our Veterinarians, some of the best surgeons in Western MI. Without them we are powerless to help the suffering. I have been a client of Fremont Animal Hospital since 1984, and have seen Vets do stuff there I did not know could be done. I remember kittens brought in by the Muskegon Police that were set on fire deliberately burning off their ears and the flesh on the top of their heads, their eyelids were burnt and not operable. Dr Russell went to Gerber hospital and got  Cadaver tissue and fixed them. It took a long while but they could open and shut their eyes after they healed. I remember a Christmas morning he came in to euthanize a litter of kittens with distemper. I remember a Sunday with a Cockers ear the would not stop bleeding, he left a birthday party on Sunday to meet me and stitch it up. When we took part in a Montcalm County raid and took in 126 ill cared for dogs, there was FHO’s, entropian surgeries, 4 middle of the night C sections…he did it all without complaint. I would like to wish Dr Russell a well earned retirement after selling the clinic in January. I am hoping not to disturb him much. Although he already came back to do a detached ureter surgery for a rescue dog in need.  I will never be able to thank him enough for the huge part he played in our success. I wish him the very best in his retirement as he has certainly earned it. Dr Marie Breuker is the proud new owner of Fremont Animal Hospital and a highly skilled experienced surgeon in her own right and has performed lots of miracles for us as well. Her new Vet, Dr Diamond Garrett, has just started doing surgeries for us too. This is a wonderful well run Vet Clinic, with great highly qualified surgeons and a fantastic staff of caring and kind people.


Plymouth Road Vet was a clinic I used about 20 years ago, owned then by Dr Lemke along with Allendale Vet Clinic owned by his wife. Dr Lemke has sold his clinic and retired and we wish him the very best. The clinic was purchased by Dr Jennifer Wheler, and now she has built a new state of the art clinic at the corner of Leonard and  Plymouth Rd. in Grand Rapids. The Vets there have all been fantastic and they have been instrumental in keeping our rescue afloat with all the old masters retiring. They have done lots of difficult surgeries for us as well. We are looking forward to building a great relationship with this great new clinic and their caring, efficient staff.

Dr Larry Nauta has helped us also in fact Dr Nauta and Dr Brueker teamed up to save my own dogs leg at his clinic. He has just built a new Emergency Pet Hospital right next to his regular Vet clinic. I have not been there yet but it is pretty impressive looking. I believe it is opening soon. Would be a great alternative for us “up northers” instead of having to go all the way to GR in an emergency.

Our Veterinarians are our very existence. We would not be who we are without them and our reputation is tied to who they are...exceptional and highly skilled Veterinarians, who we obviously highly recommend to anyone looking for a really good Vet.

And where would we be without our wonderful adopters who wait patiently while we wade the mountains of paperwork and applications to get to them.  Some are so grateful and stay in touch with pictures and stories. When we see the love that pours from them unto their pets it makes it all worthwhile. Please post pictures of your adopted pets on our Adopted from Lake Haven Facebook page. We love it!

And then we have our donors who have been our lifeblood all these years. Without them we could not have accomplished what we have. Since 1999 we have adopted some 21,600 fully vetted animals to carefully screened homes.

The gratitude I feel is overwhelming and is what keeps me going in my toughest times. I would like to thank my Veterinarian’s,  Volunteers, Adopters and Donors for their part in what is known as Lake Haven. They all are such an important part of who we are, and none can exist without the other, it is all of us working together that spells SUCCESS at the end of the day.

Cheryl McCould (director)

Little Bernie

Bernie was found on a driveway injured. We have no idea what happened to him but it was severe trauma. Plymouth Rd Vet in Grand Rapids the Vet said she thought one eye is scratched and one eye is punctured. It appeared he could not see. Both of his ears appeared to be chewed off with infection both in and outsides of the ears on what was left of the flaps. He was crawling in fleas and his stomach was all broke out and infected. But of all his injuries his eyes concerned me the most. A trip to the eye specialist confirms his blindness. But a surgery may save one eye, we won’t know until we see the surgeon Dec 1. Ears have been slow to heal but cytology’s and now a biopsy are being done. Darling little dog, sweet and loving as can be, but in such horrific condition. Very content to be held and loved on and adapting to his blindness. Unfortunately, the biopsy results show a rare and very aggressive cancer and Bernie had to be put to sleep November 28th. Many thanks to his foster, Sue Tol, for seeing him through to the end.

- Cheryl McCloud (Director)


Someone at a  store saw this sad gray and white cat kept trying to get in, crying for help. She was terribly matted, sneezing and very hungry. He called her Everest. With the help of Plymouth Road Vet we got her bathed and shaved. Blood-work said that part of the reason she was so skinny and so hungry was because her thyroid was way off. We started her on meds and she started gaining weight. With a donations from Joann Martino and Marlene Riley, Everest was supplied with food and an adorable yellow sweater.  Back at Plymouth Rd they noticed she couldn’t close her jaw. She ended up needing 8 teeth extracted! I can only imagine the hardship she endured but  Everest is growing a healthy new coat and loves cuddling. She will be up for adoption soon for someone who is looking for a  darling and  grateful kitty.

- Cheryl McCloud (Director)


Meet Bunny age 7, on the left, she came to us from  an Amish Puppy mill where she spent most of her life in a kennel. Day 1 she had no idea what touch was but seemed to warm up to my husband. Day three  I took her to my office to only watch a poor little dog that literally had no idea how to function in the normal world.  We came to the conclusion she needed to stay home with her foster brother Pete so he could teach her the doggie world. Since this time she has been doing great, her and Pete play and spend a ton of time together, last night she went the whole night in our bed and did not have one accident. She is starting to wag her tail and is excited for meal time and snacks. Her personality is coming through so much! Whoever gets this amazing baby is going to one lucky family.

-  Laura Ensley (foster)


Cheryl got a call about a stray near Danielle’s and she got him.. A family had been feeding him at a second floor apartment . At Fremont Animal Hospital they took X-rays to find out both the balls of his femurs where shattered!  Hit by a car but was hungry enough to climb stairs, in pain, to eat. With a successful double FHO  surgery  and with a donation from Diane Throop of a ramp, he was able to enjoy napping on our bed. We joked about him “losing his pants” as the vet only shaved is lower half. He would find clothes on the floor and  meow “Are these my pants?” It was too funny. He went to a forever home with  Alyssa Katerberg. She had also been hit by a car and understood pain and what he needed to recover. Perfect Match.

- Danielle Tuttle (foster)

3 Brothers

Loki, Simba and Tamostu... we are so happy and blessed with these three bonded brothers!!!  We often wonder why we didn’t get pets earlier...but now we know why... we were waiting for these three amazing brothers!  Thank you to Lake Haven Animal Rescue, Cheryl McCloud, Kristine Holland, Danielle Tuttle and many more for all the foster love you give!

- Ann Koch

Foster Fails

Although we call them foster fails, after three times I think we need to call them foster success’s. Gary and Donna Ranger’s Sissy, AZ, and Lizzie Lou.

- Cheryl McCloud (Director)

Triumph and Tiramisu

Triumph and Tiramisu have brought so much joy and laughter into our lives already! We just adore them. They are so sweet affectionate and of course playful! We are taking introductions slow and introducing new areas, but they are doing so well. They don’t have total free roam yet, but working on it(since little man is special needs -CH). Siblings are the best! Thank you Danielle Tuttle for being an amazing foster mom and Cheryl McCloud for taking in these babies.

- Julie Rossback

Talli, Tiny, Tom and Wrigley

We adopted mama Talli (Tilli), Tiny and Tom (Tommy) just over a month ago. These three are so much fun and we’re so thankful for them and their kitten craziness. Talli is still very much a mama to her babies and Tom and Tiny sound like a herd of elephants when they start running through the house! The timing of their arrival was a blessing  as we just lost our first Lake Haven baby we got as a puppy, Wrigley, yesterday to a battle with prostate cancer. He was 14 years old and the best dog ever, The last 24 hours have been a wee bit easier with having Talli, Tiny and Tom here to cuddle.

- Rebecca Somers Mowbray


A young woman explained to me that she just could not housebreak her dog, would I take her adorable little Cocker Spaniel. It was amazing what proper worming , nutrition and a few Vet visits can accomplish. We called him Benny. He is flourishing in his new home. Just loved him!

- Cheryl McCloud (Director)

Ruby and Molly

Although we don’t see King Cavalier’s come in very often, when we do they are foster success’s for Mark and Cindy VanderZouen who have adopted 3 dogs from Lake Haven and several kitties. Shown is Ruby and Molly, mother and daughter.

- Cheryl McCloud (Director)

Thankful for Our Volunteers

This year we able to hold our annual Bake Sale and Pet photos with Santa fundraiser again. We wanted to extend a special thank you to Jerry and Nancy Kiel (Mr. and Mrs. Clause), to Donna and Jerry Ranger for leading the baking and to Danielle Tuttle for helping organize the event.

Thanks to our veterinary partners.

Lake Haven would like to thank those veterinary clinics that have done so much to help us save animals through their dedication to the profession. These are skilled and charitable Veterinarians with skilled staff and we

encourage you to visit and support their clinic.


There are many rescue groups in the 

West Michigan Area, and all have different capabilities and talents. Lake Haven has always enjoyed a wonderful reputation for healthy, friendly and well cared for pets. That is only because we have the most  highly skilled Veterinarian’s that I have ever met. They are a dedicated and committed group truly concerned for their patients, whether they have a home or not. The  real  credit of  our success lies with them because of their skill and efforts and without them we would not even exist. Our relationship with Fremont Animal Hospital dates 35 plus years now, and Animal Wellness Center, 12 years plus. 

We are also grateful for assistance from Chicago Dr Vet, Cedar Springs Animal Hospital, and Plymouth Rd Vet Clinic. We highly recommend

all these clinics for high quality care.


Fremont Animal Hospital


White Cloud

Animal Wellness Center of White Cloud



Chicago Dr Veterinary Clinic


Cedar Springs

Cedar Springs Animal Hospital


Grand Rapids

Plymouth Rd Vet Clinic


Adopted Lake Haven Pets

Some of you might know some of these or maybe you adopted one (or more).

Supplies Donation Wish List

Animal Needs

•  Fancy Feast Kitten Pate (turkey or chicken)
•  Adult F
ancy Feast Classic Pate (chicken or turkey)

•  Adult Cat Purina Sensitive Stomach (dry cat food)

•  Purina kitten chow

•  Ceramic Bowls

•  Puppy Feeding Bowls

•  Revolution (Cats)

•  Kong Brand Toys

•  Iam’s Kitten Food

•  Iam’s Hairball Formula Adult Cat Food

•  Blankets

•  Meijer Unscented

•  Scoopable Litter w/Baking Soda

Facility Needs

•  Bleach & Liquid Laundry Soap

•  Paper Towels

•  Outdoor Pooper Scoopers

•  Tall Kitchen Bags

•  33 Gallon Black Trash Bags

•  Stamps

•  24-lb Copy Paper

•  Packaging & Scotch Tape

•  Banker Boxes

•  Workforce Printer Ink W/F 3620

Gift Cards

•  Amazon

•  Walmart

•  Staples (For Office Admin)

•  Meijer


Money donations can be sent via the online donation link on our website

Drop off items at: Lake Haven, 551 Pickerel Lake Dr, Newaygo, MI 49337
OR Call 231 652-4115 if you can’t drop things off.

Donating by Credit Card or PayPal

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Please Consider Donating to Lake Haven!  Lake Haven is a recognized 501(c)3 organization, so ALL donations are tax deductible.

DID YOU KNOW:  All of our support at Lake Haven comes from donors and volunteers. This includes the director of Lake Haven who receives no income for animal rescue. Because Lake Haven is an all volunteer organization, operating from a donated shelter building and foster homes, 100% of all donations received benefit the animals themselves.

HOW IS THE DONATION MONEY USED:  All donations collected go into the general animal rescue fund. This fund is the mainstay of our organization. It is how we pay for all medical expenses of animals that come into our program. It also pays for their food and comforts, heat and air conditioning. 

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